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LDW 2020 Benevolence Enrollment /04/Jan 01-31

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LDW - Replenishment

LDW - Replenishment  to welfare funds 


 *One of the aspects of forming LD was Unity and be there for one another whenever there is need. *

On Friday Feb 7th, Rev. David Kariuki Chogi of LD passed on His Family need us for our prayers and support.  

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About Us

Board Members

LD Board Members

Chairperson -                        A. Karundu
V-Chairperson -                     P. Karuma
Gen.Secretary -                     Mathenge S.P

Asst. Gen.Secretary-            Albert Mitugo

Treasurer -                              P. Mbugua 

Asst. Treasurer-                     Onesmus 

Liaison Officer-                      David Tuni

Organizing Secretary-         Stephen Gitari

Auditor Gen-                           Peter Mbogo

Investment-                           Martin Wachira

Investment-                           Stephen Njuguna

Investment-                           Eliud Mwatha

IT -                                            Sam Ndirangu

Our mission


Mission and Vision of this organization which is to provide a platform on which the DFW Gikuyu Community aspirations and challenges would be addressed outside our regular existing community establishments to tackle diverse needs at both individual and group level and serve as one another's keeper.

Our history


   The Lewisville Declaration and Statement of Purpose. 

     Lewisville Declaration is a non-Profit Organization formed for the purpose of welfare of it's members.                                        

      LD is an autonomous organization that brings together people who share a personal commitment  to the Unity of GIKUYU heritage within DFW.

       This organization was organized from a graduation meeting held at one of our members’ house in Lewisville Texas. All the community members present unanimously identified different community needs that could only be tackled through a well-organized community front. The Pain of our community disconnection drove all the attendees into action that could unite people towards a common course. All those present purposed to establish a structured organization whose name was unanimously agreed to be Lewisville Declaration.